Health Notes

Community Wellness – Pamela V Johnson DNP, MSN-APRN, FNP-BC

We are half way through this year! Medications can cause side effects that might not be obvious. People taking medications should have blood tested every three to four months. Specifically people diagnosed with diabetes, thyroid disease, any type of heart disease, high blood pressure, or kidney disease.  Schedule an appointment according to your health history.

Personal immunization histories can be accessed by visiting WebIZ online. Create an account, then look up individuals in your household by name and dates of birth.  An adult can find self or children. You cannot register to see information of people outside the household.

Consider scheduling an appointment to have an annual physical examination during your month of birth.  Health history will be reviewed, then a physical examination will be done. People taking medications should plan to have blood work or testing done a week before the physical examination. Day of examination lab results can then be reviewed.

This time of year flowers are blooming and grass is pollinating, which means “IT is ALLERGY SEASON!”  Allergy medications can be ordered or picked up by appointment through Fort McDermitt Wellness Center.

Remember to hydrate with water, reduce intake of sweets by not adding sugar to beverages, and have fun.